About us Pressed metal Powder coating
In areas where vandalism is a problem or where better security is needed, we supply glass
replace replacement or new glaze security panels. These consist of a polyester powder coated aluminium sheet laminated to both sides of external quality plywood.

The powder coating carries a 25-year guarantee and is available in a vast range of colours. Panels can be ordered oversize and then cut on site to suit. They can also be machine routed for letterbox openings. Thanks to our integrated facilities for fabrication, powder coating and lamination, lead times are extremely fast.
Thickness: From 6mm upwards

Panel sizes: Up to 3000mm x 2000mm

Colours: RAL, BS, Syntha Pulvin, Pantone

Other facings: Plastisol, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, GRP, Trespa

Document L: If required, a U-value of 1.50 can be achieved by introducing Styrofoam as a central core with plywood laminated to both sides.  Double glazing thickness only.
Security glazing panels